English in action 2017


The week's schedule + programme

(by Selina & Anna, 3a)

In the lessons one, two, three and four we did book- exercises and played very funny games. We got a book, and it was called EIA (English in Action). We did nice exercises, for example:  we wrote adverts or wrote stories.

In lesson five, we did our project in groups of two or three people. We created Power Point presentations or created nice posters. For example, texts for magazines or adverts. (The projects were about The Wondertea, HEY Magazine, a presentation about music,...)

In lesson six, we created a sketch with our group and we had lots of fun.


(by Lara & Vanessa & Dalia & Rita, 3a)

The Show was really funny and the people laughed a lot.

First there was a presentation by class 3b. They told us some facts about sights from Innsbruck. That was really interesting. Then there was some acting which was fantastic. The first group acted out the ‘Crown Jewels’. The second group acted out the sketch ‘The English in Action Airline’. It was entertaining and the parents had a lot of fun. Anna and Elisabeth showed us an advertisement from the ‘Magic Wondertea’. Then Amy and Michael got their presents, a chocolate shingle “from the Golden Roof”. Last of all, our class sang the song ‘Seven years old’.

Miss Sonia Mirza about the time she spent at our school

(by Sonia Mirza, Senior teacher of the English in action - Team)


Last week, teaching at NMS Kettenbrucke- girls independent school has been an absolute pleasure. Not only does Innsbruck offer great scenery, it seems to offer highly intelligent students! The students were enthusiastic, diligent and very hardworking. Having met the teachers working at the school, it wasn't very difficult to see, where the students had adopted this ethos from :)  

We hope to return to this wonderful school and work with you next year with more students!

Thank you for welcoming us at the school with banners and flags of Great Britain and EiA!

Our E-I-A - Week

(by Alina & Joana & Nina, 3b)


It was a great and exciting week. We had much fun and we learned a lot. The games were very nice and also fun. But what we liked most about the English-in-Aktion-Week was to plan the show, do the sketches and the projects.

It was so much fun and we really enjoyed it! We were sad to say good-bye.

Our EIA teachers

(by Anna & Isabella & Chiara, 3b)


We think that Lawrence was very funny .

Lawrence was a very good show manager.

We learned the opposite between tall and high.

Lawrence can speak a little bit of German.



Sonia  was an excellent teacher.

She was very nice and friendly.

We learned much about other countries.

We played many games.

We learned about the sights of England.

What we liked best

(by Mirjam & Sheetal & Irem, 3b)

The Project and the Show Lessons were very special. In the Project Lessons we could make a video, a boardgame, or a Powerpoint presentation. After the Project Lesson we had the wonderful Show Lesson. There we worked on our own and prepared a funny show for Friday.

We also got a little book with lots of ideas. We played games and did Grammar competitions.

During the whole day at school we had to speak English and write in English.

The Show

(by Laura K. & Marie & Ilayda, 3b)

On Friday in the Festsaal we made a show.

We presented two of our projects and acted out sketches like the following:

There was a Queen, two pilots, the Mafia, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. The Mafia stole the Queen‘s Crown. At the end the detectives found the Crown and gave it back to the Queen and we all took a selfie!

The Show

(by Yolanda & Nora & Julia, 3b)

Our sketch was about famous people working at MC Donald’s.
So we could interview Hulk, Barbie and Batman.
Some famous people got a job at MC Donald’s,  for example Angela Merkel who had to clean the toilets or Hilary Clinton, who was the manager.
Then Donald Trump came and fired Clinton.
With the new boss Mc Trump, a meal cost $ 1,500.